What’s In Your Purse?


Ladies & Gentlemen: It’s time to clean out your purses and wallets! Dedicate just 10 minutes to this small task, you will be thanking me!

You will be surprised at what you find in there! Take everything out & get rid of what you don’t use or need (the store that closed two years ago, yeah don’t need that card anymore) dumping my purse onto a towel on the bed is my method – sort out all trash & unnecessary stuff (don’t put that back in). Put all your change in your piggy bank – Receipts in your files, etc. Check all of the pockets and go through your wallet too. (Oh, my missing earring from a year ago when I lost the back at that party…)

Guys: If you’re sitting on your wallet and it’s fat with old stuff, it’s not good for your posture! Ladies: When your purse is too heavy, it’s not good for your shoulders & neck. Take the time to lighten your load and get yourself organized.

Ladies: You know how much that designer bag cost you…don’t let it get ruined with sticky lip gloss/leaking pen/old sticky candy or food… I found some really cute zip pouches at the local dollar store to stow items in my purse (spare phone charger/make-up/coupons/gum & mints/pens, etc.) inside of the bag, so when the purse spills in the car there’s no time spent looking for lost items on the floor!

Who knows, you might find a phone number of a long-lost friend – give them a call and chat while you sort

Send me a pic of the before & afters! Can’t wait to see how NEAT you are!

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