How do I know if I need an organizer?


Here’s a check list to use in case you are wondering if you need organizing help.

A Professional Organizer is needed if..

If you answer yes to more than 5 of these questions, you could benefit from a Neat appointment!

  1. Do you ask yourself daily: “Where are my keys?  Where is my Phone?  Where is my Wallet?”
  2. Did you run out of counter space/flat areas to pile things?
  3. Do you have piles; Do your piles have piles?
  4. Are your closets bulging and doors hard to close?
  5. Do you own more organization items than you have put to use?
  6. Do you own several items of the same item because you can’t find it and had to buy another? (very common item is scissors)
  7. Do you have more than one junk drawer?
  8. Do you avoid a room/space because it’s too overwhelming to deal with?
  9. Do you have four sizes of clothing in your dresser/closet? (including children’s)?
  10. You can’t see your floors (due to piles)?
  11. Do you have expired food in your refrigerator or pantry?
  12. Do you have unopened boxes with unknown contents? (ie: mail packages or previous moves)?
  13. Did  you find gifts you purchased for Christmas last year that you found this year?
  14. Do you have a collection of single socks (more than 5 is a yes)?
  15. If you have answered YES to more than 5 of these questions, please call or email us right away! If you know someone who could benefit from our services, please feel free to share our information with them or better yet, get the a gift certificate!

Gift certificates are good for cash value, and additional fees may apply as not all of our services are billed at the same rate. Please give us a call or a fill out our contact form if you require additional info about our rates.

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