About Us

We make your spaces work for your lifestyle

Such a Neat Freak was started more than 16 years ago with a bit of luck, hard work and my passion for helping people feel less overwhelmed with organizing their spaces.  I enjoy providing new ideas to achieve neat and tidy spaces while creating function.

Our philosophy is that we want people to enjoy their homes to the fullest and have the things that bring them joy.  We help bring that peaceful feeling everyone desires to “feel more at home” by creating the ease of living in clutter free, organized spaces.

Home is the place we spend the most time with the people who mean the most to us.  There are so many other things in the world that cause stress and your home, garage, shed, attic or basement should not be one of those things.

We all tend to save too many things. Whether we are holding on to them for our children or grandchildren to use “someday”. We save things for “someday” projects you may never get to, even with the best intentions it can create a pile of unused stuff. I’ve learned that a lot of times LESS IS MORE! Memories aren’t created from keeping objects, but cherished in our minds and hearts.

Our Team

Meet Tracy

Tracy is the founder of Such a Neat Freak.  She and her husband Jeff live in Boyertown with their two sons and dog. Tracy was past President of the Boyertown Rotary Club and also has volunteered for multiple local events over the years, Philadelphia Folk Festival, Boyertown Holiday Open House Tour Committee as well as PickFest & Oktoberfest for example. Volunteering has always been something we are passionate about; it began for me as a Volun-Teen at PMMC in the 80’s. Tracy and Jeff have hosted exchange students in the past and enjoy traveling to new places and experiencing new things. We enjoy the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and music, you may see us at any given venue for any show, we like it all! When Tracy isn’t at work, she can be found making her home beautiful; spending time with her family and close friends; reading a new book or watching a documentary. “I enjoy learning things and experiencing new things”

Meet Jim

Jim is Tracy’s brother and business partner.  He and his wife Susan live in Boyertown with their precious dogs and cats. Jim is a co-founder of Reading Off Road Racing Club and spends his Sunday mornings navigating the mountains on his dirt bike as he teaches others the joys of off-road riding. The event the club sponsors challenges professional riders from all over the world every July. When he’s not working or riding Jim enjoys making our dad’s sauce recipe for any and all family events as well as attending car and bike shows and all the flea markets. He and his wife enjoy music and love seeing their favorite bands in concert.

Keep what truly brings you joy and what you find to be beautiful or useful in your spaces – let the rest go.

Tracy and Jim